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Grid Wizard –When two columns are not enough

Salesforce's Page Layout editor is wonderful - as long as you want your data in one or two columns. But when 3+ columns are needed to make your layout more intuitive, you need Grid Wizard.

Grid Wizard gives the Administrator a point-and-click tool for constructing grids. Your grid is saved as a VisualForce Page ready to drop into any standard Salesforce Page Layout.

Why spend time writing custom VisualForce code, sandboxes, change sets, testing, etc? Now delight users with better page layouts in minutes with 4 easy point-and-click steps:

  1. 1. Define the Grid (Select the object, rows and columns, optional totals)

  2. 2. Configure the Grid (Name rows & columns, Select fields from drop down list, select optional borders)

  3. 3. Copy/paste generated code into VisualForce Page

  4. 4. Drag and drop into the object’s standard SFDC Page Layout.

  • Standard or Custom objects
  • No VisualForce experience needed
  • Supports Field Level Security
  • Coming Soon: Grid Wizard Edit Mode - Popup editor for fields in the Grid.
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